Testimonial from Alisa T.

I started Physical Therapy with Dr. Vlad Yelyev shortly after my Left Total Hip Replacement surgery. As a patient living with very aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis, the last thing I wish to do is work out. Dr. Yelyev pushes me through my pain and helps me overcome any and all obstacles. After every single session, I feel such relief throughout my entire body. I’ve been almost about 2 months post-op now & I am cane-free, walking, climbing, and dancing! Upon my post-up visit with my orthopedic surgeon, he said I am “walking superbly and recovered like a superstar.” I would recommend Dr. Yelyev to anyone and everyone! He is not only very well educated but also full of experience. I look forward to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s due to our sessions. – Alisa T