Testimonial from Bob D.
I had my hip replaced December, 2016. Starting around mid-January I began going to Back to Health and Sasha was my physical therapist. I went for about three months.
A very knowledgeable and patient therapist Sasha was extremely helpful in getting me back on my feet and feeling much better. Either her or a member of the PT team supervised me doing my exercises. I’ve been to PT where you’re left on your own because the staff is busy talking among themselves or using their cellphones. This is not a place like that.
She answered all of my questions every week and at my last appointment gave me sheets with the exercises I had been doing along with a few new ones. Sasha took the time to go over the sheets and then show me how to do the new exercises.  The entire staff at this location was very polite and professional. I would definitely return there if I need future physical therapy and highly recommend them to anyone that requires PT. – Bob D