At «Back to Health» we offer a comprehensive approach of Occupational Therapy by helping children reach their highest level of independence within their environment.

The program is designed for anyone 21 years of age or younger with impairments including orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neurologic, congenital, and developmental conditions.

Occupational therapists are trained in evaluating how your child interacts with their environment and uses different techniques to assists children with adapting to the many sensory challenges they experience throughout their day.

Our pediatric treatment offers:

•    Vestibular “swinging” and movement activities
•    Proprioceptive “climbing” experiences
•    Tactile/touching sensory toys

Benefits of Occupational Therapy:

•    Facilitates normal development through the use of therapeutic activities
•    Independence gained with self-care skills such as eating and dressing
•    Improved sensory integration which may decrease aggressive behaviors, allow them to sit and learn more effectively and help a child to tolerate eating a variety of foods

What is Sensory Integration:

•    Sensory Integration helps a children regulate various sensations within their environment and organize this information so they can function adaptively.
•    Some children are overly sensitive to being touched; hearing noises, different tastes; textured foods or movement activities
•    Or a child’s excessive seeking of these senses interferes with their ability to function in various social situations.

Handwriting Skills:

Occupational Therapists evaluate your child’s hand strength and coordination and design an individualized program that will help with their handwriting skills.