Most Common Workplace Injuries

Being unable to work because of injury can take a toll on your life – and your health. No one is safe from muscle strains, slips, falls, and crashes. Even those who work in an office can slip on a wet floor or get hit by a heavy object on the building’s premises.

In 2016, approximately 2.9 million non-fatal work-related injuries took place in the U.S. alone. Falls, slips, and trips were the most common. Surprisingly, most accidents can be prevented. If you do suffer an injury, it’s essential to seek medical care immediately. A skilled physical therapist can help you recover faster and take your pain away while preventing complications.

Let’s take a look at the most common workplace injuries in Brooklyn:

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains account for more than one-third of all workplace injuries. They are common among workers who lift heavy objects, such as those working in the construction industry. However, you can just as well experience neck or back strain while working on the computer or because of prolonged sitting.

Text neck, for instance, is a repetitive stress injury that results from too much sitting. This creates tension in the neck muscles, causing pain and tightness. A physiotherapist can recommend massage, neck and back exercise, ice packs, and other treatment option to relieve pain and discomfort.

Crashes and Collisions

These injuries usually affect those who operate forklift trucks and other vehicles. In the worst case, scenario, they can lead to head trauma, amputations, and even death.

If you’ve been involved in a crash or collision, see a doctor as soon as possible. Just because you’re not in pain, it doesn’t mean your body is functioning optimally. Such accidents may cause damage to the brain and internal organs.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Back pain alone results in over 100 million lost workdays every year. Poor posture, prolonged sitting or standing, improper lifting, and constant typing are all common causes of repetitive stress injuries. The pain and discomfort are severe enough to keep you from working and affect your quality of life.

If you’re dealing with repetitive stress injuries, physiotherapy can help. A specialist can diagnose your problem and develop a treatment plan based on your needs and circumstances. For example, if you have chronic back pain, he may recommend electrical stimulation, ice packs, strength exercises, stretching, or massage therapy.


Broken bones or fractures are a common occurrence, especially in jobs where physical work is required. Sometimes, physical therapy can help eliminate the need for surgery and accelerate healing.

A physiotherapist can set your bone manually and ensure you return to optimum function. He can also show you how to use assistive devices and what exercises to do for strengthening the muscles around the fracture site. Treatment options will depend on your specific type of injury and may include heat and electrotherapy, joint mobilization, gait education, or stretching.

These are just a few of the most common types of workplace injuries in Brooklyn and worldwide. Cuts and lacerations, bruises, tendonitis, heat burns, and contusions may occur as well. The sooner you receive treatment, the higher your chances of recovery.

Back to Health offers physical therapy for a wide range of injuries and medical conditions, from fractures and sciatica to slipped discs and chronic pain. Contact us today at 888-312-5764 to request an appointment! Our team will help you return to work and overcome your injury so you can function at your peak.

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