When and Why To Seek Hand Therapy?

Our hands are the power tools that we use every minute of our day and we often take these power tools for granted. The stress or injury on our hands can potentially limit almost all of our daily activities. Experiencing pain and stiffness in the hands and their joints alter our mood and attitude toward our daily tasks and responsibilities.

Who Is Qualified To Provide Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy in Brooklyn is treated by Back To Health Physical and Occupational Therapy. Generally, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are the professionals who will perform hand therapy.  These therapists have the expertise in assessing and treating hand injuries or related conditions. The functional abilities of the hands can be restored with the use of special exercises and manipulations with the assistance of occupational and physical therapists.

How Is Hand Therapy Performed?

Hand therapy is not a single procedure or a technique. It is a comprehensive approach that involves wound care, scar and swelling management, splint application and individualized rehabilitation physiotherapeutic techniques. Wound care involves dressing and debridement and suture removal, while scar/swelling management involves the use of compression gloves. Therapists also use splints to increase function. With the use of special exercises and manual techniques the joints and soft tissues are mobilized to alleviate stiffness and pain. This comprehensive management plan can also desensitize, strengthen and improve functional activities and restore movement in the hand joints.

Our physical and occupational therapists in Brooklyn further use electrotherapy to treat scars and improve the healing process. With the use of ultrasound, scars of the damaged areas are resolved while the healing is stimulated. In the same manner, different mobilization techniques are used to improve the joint stiffness that occurs after surgery. Exercise programs at the clinic as well as practicing them at home are highly encouraged for a faster recovery.

Soft tissue massage of the affected hand reduces muscular tension and spasm of the ligaments. They are also a part of hand therapy. It can improve the range of motion, amount of weight to carry and restore the fine activities of your hands. After complete management, the therapists will also take steps to prevent further injury. Through patient education on how to use and move hands accurately, these specialists will re-assure the recovery of the patients.

Hand therapy manages many hand conditions such as;

The combination of methods and techniques used in hand therapy depends on the cause and severity of the disease. Hand therapy in Brooklyn boasts about its highly efficient approach and patient satisfaction. If you find it difficult to use your hands like before or if you know you are suffering from a hand disorder, do not hesitate to contact our office in Brooklyn for a detailed assessment followed by an effective management plan. You can call us today at 888.527.7199 to schedule your evaluation at one of our locations in Brooklyn. 

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