Cold Laser & Vibration Therapy


The cold laser therapy is a treatment method under which laser beams are used to relieve inflammation and pain. The intensity of the laser beams used is quite low and the area to be treated is exposed to the laser beams for a specific time at set intervals.

The term ‘cold’ does not mean that the temperature of the laser is low, but it means that the intensity of the laser is low as compared to the high intensity ones, which may burn the exposed skin. The treatment method is referred to by several names such as laser acupuncture, low-level laser therapy, soft laser, low power laser therapy and bio-stimulation.

The concept behind the use of low intensity laser beams is that lasers, when calibrated to a certain wavelength, have the potential to stimulate the damaged cells of the body.

This stimulation leads to progressed healing and reduction in pain and inflammation. The supporters of the cold laser therapy treatment are of the view that this form of treatment is like acupressure and acupuncture, where specific points in the body are targeted. Cold laser treatment can be highly beneficial for patients with chronic back pain, arthritis, joint pains, wound healing, sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, swelling and myofascial pain.

The cold laser works towards increasing the strength, speed and quality of repair of damaged tissues. This stimulation increases the supply of blood to the affected area and it starts healing. The cold laser therapy also helps in generating healthy cells, which aid quick wound healing. Therefore, the results from the cold laser therapy are quite promising as patients experience relief from inflammation and pain during the treatment and even after it is discontinued.

Vibration Therapy

  • Improve your well being
  • Positive results on neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s
  • Creating a balance of body and mind
  • Improve your Health
  • Gentle training – no physical strain of the joints
  • Improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation
  • Strengthening of muscles – particularly the back/spine
  • Reduces back pain and stiffness
  • Improves collagen production
  • Stimulation of the metabolism and lymph drainage
  • Decreases level of Cortisol (hormone released when we’re under stress)
  • Highly effective body fat combustion
  • Strengthening of bone tissues – Combats osteoporosis
  • Rehabilitate injuries and ailments
  • Rapid recovery after exercising
  • Improve your fitness
  • Increases muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • Strengthens and enhances posture
  • Increases bone strength and density
  • Increases tendon strength
  • Improves muscle strength and tone, enhancing athletic performance
  • Enhances balance, coordination and proprioception required after trauma or surgery


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