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Welcome to our therapists page! Here you will find more background information about our highly qualified staff and their qualifications. 

Dr. Aleksandr Dekhtyarev

Dr. Zoya Reznik

Dr. Liudmila Lahonda

Dr. Michael Goynatsky

Dr. Rumiya Tsymbalyuk

Dr. Tatiana Bulanov

Dr. Tatyana Kozhar

Dr. Alex Golubenko

Dr. Jerome Cabahug

Dr. Loverna Abella

Tatyana Khazanova

Tatyana Gorodetskaya

Vitaly Simkin

Yoselin Carballo

Dmitriy Royzner

Dr. Alexandra Kopelovich

Dr. Daniel Friedman

Dr. Donna Kleyman

Dr. Gleb Kartsev

Dr. Daniel Lerner

Dr. Jenna Sullivan

Dr. Boris Vorik

Dr. Peter Seokcheon

Dr. Nora Fezzuoglio

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