Dr. Alex Dekhtyarev
Doctor of Physical Therapy (SHEEPSHEAD BAY)
Physical Therapist - Dr. Alex Dekhtyarev

Dr. Aleksandr Dekhtyarev, DPT, COMT, CI, CKTP, CIMI, GT Cert., CSST, CWC, CWT

Dr. Aleksandr Dekhtyarev received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the New York Institute of Technology in 2008. His professional career kicked off at the Kingsbrook Medical Center where he was recognized as the Employee Of The Year for his impeccable work ethic and patient care. In his time spent working at Kingsbrook Dr. Dekhtyarev was able to hone his skills in traumatic brain rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation, and bedside treatment. Dr. Dekhtyarev proudly and efficiently juggled work at the medical center as well home care for early intervention and long term care.

Dr. Dekhtyarev, despite all of his responsibilities, also managed to work into his schedule being an adjunct professor at NYIT, as well as a mentor in the hospital to physical therapy students and medical residents. Here at Back To Health, Dr. Dekhtyarev spearheaded a mentor program for Doctorate students and medical residents currently enrolled at NYIT and Columbia University.

Dr. Dekhtyarev is committed to progressively and diligently improving his techniques and skills, while also constantly attending Continuing Education courses in orthopedics and sports medicine to continue adding the latest and greatest in patient care to his already abundant set of skills.