Dr. Alex Golubenko
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DITMAS PARK)
Physical Therapist - Dr. Alex Golubenko

Dr. Alex Golubenko, DPT, CWC, CWT is the co-founder and Medical Director of Back To Health Physical & Occupation Therapy. He is a distinguished Doctor of Physical Therapy with a wide range of professional credentials and accomplishments, and has dedicated his career to the pursuit of excellence in promoting maximum rehabilitation and well-being of his patients.

A lifelong interest in athletics and medicine has enabled Dr. Golubenko to pursue and achieve academic excellence in becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He graduated as third in his class when completing his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from SUNY Upstate Medical Center in 1998. After over a decade of practice, growth, and achievements, Dr. Golubenko obtained his Doctorate Degree in 2009.


Dr. Golubenko’s eagerness to provide his patients with the highest class of care has motivated him to attend countless continuing education courses and seminars including Shirely Sahrmann: Muscle and Movement Imbalances, Maitland Spinal Mobilization; Kinesio Taping; Brian Mulligan: Mobilization with Movement levels I, II, III; SMT-1 to 3 of the James Dunning Spinal Manipulation Institue; Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction & Treatments; David Butler: Sensitive Nervous System Seminar; and Positional Release Techniques Hands On Seminars with Dr. Leon Chaitow.