Dmitriy Royzner
Licensed Massage Therapist (DITMAS PARK)
Massage Therapist - Dmitriy Royzne

Dmitriy Royzner, LMT is a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in medical massage techniques. He graduated from New York College Massage Therapy Program in 2001, and had since acquired extensive experience in the field of physical rehabilitation.

Professionally trained in a broad scope of Western, European and Oriental massage modalities, Dmitriy is proficient in Deep Tissue Massage, Amma Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Swedish Massage. His professional certifications include Active Isolated Stretching, Nerve Conduction, Craniosacral Therapy and ZERONA.

Dmitriy’s diverse knowledge and skills enable him to customize each session to help his patients reach their specific wellness goals: whether to relieve pain, regain movement, restore function or enhance overall physical wellbeing.