Dr. Donna Kleyman
Doctor of Physical Therapy (MIDWOOD)
Physical Therapist - Dr. Donna Kleyman

      In 2009, Dr. Kleyman graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor’s degree in Disability Studies. She went on to successfully earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University in 2012 and jumped right into the world of pediatrics. Despite extensive experience in various other settings (including cardiopulmonary inpatient rehab, orthopedics, and wound care), Dr. Kleyman has always had an incredible love and appreciation for the youngest individuals in need of rehabilitative support.
       Dr. Kleyman enjoys the challenge of working with children and is always thinking of ways to keep exercises and treatment plans fun and exciting. Communicating and collaborating with parents is also important for Dr. Kleyman and she makes it a priority to always be available for parents with questions or concerns on ways to keep the child motivated. With two young kids of her own, Dr. Kleyman can relate to the simultaneous joy and exhaustion that comes with raising children and she is cognizant of that with every pediatric client. No goal is too small if it makes a difference in the child’s life or simplifies a task for the parents/family.
       When she is not working, Dr. Kleyman loves finding ways to cook delicious meals with a healthy twist, exploring the world, and reading. Dr. Kleyman is also passionate about practicing yoga, pilates, Barre, and meditation in efforts to keep a healthy, stress-free, and play-full life.